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The principal tower is the centre of the ancient shrine. Con structed from pink sandstone, the tower has a square plan with indented corners. Double porches were built in the north, south, and west of the tower. To the east of the tower is a rectangular room called ?Vihala? connected to the tower by an annex. It is believed that the tower was built by Narendraditya in the 12th century? A.D. In the main temple, there is the ? garbhagrha? or the inner sanctum. It is assumed to have anshrined the linga, phallic symbol of Shiva. However, only the ?Somasutra? or the water conduit? used to draio away sacred water during religioug rites remains. Most of the tower?s motifs were sculpted with stories of Hindu divinities such as dancing Shiva (or Shiva Nataraja) pediment, and the? reclining Vishnu lintel. Other motifs are from the Ramayana, religious rites, directional gods, Naraendraditya?s biography, and hermit?s .


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