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Prasat? Phnom? Rung? is situated on the top of an extinct volcano,? Phnom? Rung,? at Tapek Seb district, Chalerm Phra Khiat District, Buriram Province. It is one of the most beautiful and important Khmer ancient monuments in Thailand.

?This religious monument was devoted to Shiva, one of the supreme divjnities of Hindu Religion. Therefoer, Phnom Rung hill and its sanctuarl are symbols of the mountain Kailasa with Shiva?s patheon, and symbolizes the centre of the universe. The monuments on Phnom Rung were built between the 10th and 13th centuries? A.D.

The name ?Phnom Rung? is from an ancient Khmer word, ?the vast mountain?. The inscriptions, and means ?the vast mountain?. The inscriptions founded in the area also give the name of Prasat Phnom Rung?s creator : Narendraditya. He was a descendant of the Mahidharapura dynasty and related to King Suryavarman ll, the creator of Angkor Wat.


The Department of Fine Arts has undertaken the restoration of Prasat Phnom Rung since the declaration of the ancient monument of Phnom Rung in the Government Gazette, volime 52, section 75, dated 8th March 1935. Major restoration was carried out between 1971 and 1988. Then the Department of Fine Arts declared its boundry, about 178 acres, in the Government Gazette, volume 93, section 141, dated 9th November 1976, and organized the Phnom Rung historical park project which was officially opened by Her? Royal Highness? Princess? maha? Chakri? Sirindhornon 21st May, 1988.

Diagram ? Phasat Phanomrung

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